Thursday, August 11, 2005

I wants it, my precious...

YessSSsss... I wants the E-Ring. And I had another shot at it today. The audition was for a character not quite as cool as the one I went out for last week, but still cool nonentheless. Actually, I didn't get the whole script so there might be more to him than was apparent in the sides, but even still, I wouldn't turn it down. Was strange, the casting was done at a U.S. Embassy where they were filming the show not more than a few hundred feet from us. Made for a strange atmosphere seeing crews setting up and all the activity of a big TV show - it almost felt like I had already booked the gig and was on set, only, I hadn't and I wasn't. Weird.

I'm not sure if them calling me in has anything to do with the audition I had for the show last week, but I'd like to think so.


At 6:45 PM, John K said...

They are tricksy, stupid fat E-Ring.

Congrats dude!! You're on a roll!


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