Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tales to Tell

Although this blog will be changing soon (new look! new name! new url!) it will still chart what's going on with me as an actor, something I've certainly been remiss about here, lately. I mean, this freaking blog is named Tales of a Working Actor (in progress) and I rarely do any entries about acting. So I'll be changing that. Probably through short notes like this one:

Last night, I did a workshop for a casting agent, Marc Chancer, from Origin Talent Agency. He seemed very cool and genuine, and hopefully I'll get a call from him soon, especially now that pilot season's underway. That'd be swell. When posed the question, "Do you really work and push for your clients?" Marc answered that he couldn't understand why an agent would ever sign an actor if that wasn't their intention. Tch. Believe me, it happens all the time. My last three agents signed me, then let me collect dust on their shelves for months. I almost blurted that out, but I kept my cool and was like, "Mm. Yeah." So, an agent that would work and push for me would be just peachy.

The sketch above is for the "acting" section of my new site. I've always had this image of Hamlet meets Terminator in my head, and I finally got it out of there and onto paper. Seemed the perfect image for the site. Anyway, if all goes smoothly, I'll be done constructing it in the next month or two. I'll be updating my progress here leading up to launch day for sure.


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