Friday, January 19, 2007

House Party

I did a casting director workshop a couple of nights ago with Michelle Adams, casting assistant or director for a number of television and film projects including Moesha, Bad Boys II and some John Singleton pictures. Not sure if I'd actually have fit into any of those projects, but it was a fun workshop nonetheless, although the venue left something to be desired. Actually, the place itself, a large estate in the Studio City hills, was amazing and had a great view, but about 20 of us actors were scrunched into the dining room where we took turns doing scenes in a tiny space between the dining table and the bar, with Michelle about two feet from us. Throw in the owner of the house audibly snoring on a couch in an adjacent room during our scenes and you can see how things quickly turned comical. Less comical was the fact that the bathroom was out of toilet paper and soap after about 20 minutes into the workshop. Someone volunteered a small pack of Kleenex, but fortunately, I was able to keep things contained. Others weren't so lucky. Ah, actors can be a dirty bunch.


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