Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Acting Powers Grow Stronger

In the past week I've had a couple amazing casting director workshops. One was with Cathy Henderson, a casting director who has been around a long time - long enough to have cast Hawaii Five-O and Charlie's Angels (no, not the Drew Barrymore flick) back in the day. This was perhaps the best workshop I've ever taken part in. Not only did I receive the best kudos ever given to me by a casting director, but every scene (there were probably about 16 or so, in all) was rock-solid, which is very rare. Cathy cultivated a fun, creative atmosphere that put all of us actors at ease, and it really came across in the work. The other workshop was held yesterday with Lisa Essary, who brought some challenging scenes and also kept the proceedings very light and fun.

I've really gotten my groove back, lately. In the time since I filmed that AFI short, I was starting to feel a bit off my game, wondering if the demise of Dee Wallace's Acting Studio was affecting me adversely, but between all the workshops I've been doing, and the sporadic auditions I go out on, I feel I'm continuing to grow as an actor and with that is coming greater confidence.


At 3:24 PM, John said...

Yeah your work is really strong, even stronger than usual, as of late.

Just don't faint when you see the dead bodies in your living room.


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