Monday, August 22, 2005

Becca, you rock.

Becca's memorial service was this past Saturday, August 20. It was a really low-key affair in a backyard in Venice, and the amazing number of people that showed up was a real testament to how many lives Becca had touched throughout her life. There wasn't a service or ceremony really, just a bunch of friends and family who brought photos to look at, stories to tell, hugs to give and tears to share. There was a circle of people playing some tribal drums throughout most of the afternoon. There were some friends I hadn't seen since high school there. Becca's little girl was running around naked on the grass. It was all quite surreal, really, but talking to people, reminiscing and looking at photographs really reminded me of what an amazing life she had and what an amazing person she was. It definitely lifted me out of the haze I'd been in since she died. Enough so that when I went to a birthday party later that night, I felt like some weight had lifted surrounding her tragic death. It was a perfect circumstance in a way, to memorialize someone's death and then celebrate another's birth, and the irony was not lost on me.

Becca Howard-Wilkins December 27, 1973 - August 15, 2005


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