Thursday, May 26, 2005

Schuetze appears during season finales of Lost & American Idol!!!

Yes, it's true! Well, as Obi-Wan would say, "From a certain point-of-view." (sorry, still in the grips of Star Wars hype). Wendy's launched its new campaign 'Do What Tastes Right' during the season finales of Lost and American Idol last night and I got a bit of screentime. Blink and you'll miss me, but I'm the guy being force-fed fries by the headless chick with the boobs. Lot of fun as I was sitting with my sister watching Lost when the commercial kind of flew by. I was like, "Was that just me?" and my sister was like, "NO!" and I was like, "Hand me the TiVO remote." Woo-hoo!

Other sightings from friends saw it on the "Alias" season finale and on Bravo.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To be managed or not to be managed?

Received a contract from my manager last week and debating now whether or not to sign it. They want to take 15% (I'm assuming - the __% field was left blank on the contract, which is scary in and of itself) of EVERYTHING I earn in the entertainment field. Includes film, television, commercials, print, everything. If they were helping me book commercials or talking to my commercial agent, I probably wouldn't have a problem with it. But since they really only have contact with my TV/Film agent, I don't see why I have to give them a cut of commercials I do. I understand that this is par for the course for many managers to do, but it sucks. If I thought they were really going to expand my career, and I had evidence that this was going to be the case, I probably wouldn't hesitate (much). But I've been unofficially with them for seven months now with nothing to show for it. Not one pilot audition. Actually, not one audition, period. The only thing that has been going well is me going out commercially, something which they have nothing to do with. So now I'm supposed to sign away residuals when my checks come in for that? Hmph. I think I need to talk to my TV/Film agent and see what their take is on my manager. Probably need to talk to Dee, too.

Must say however, that I do like my manager on a personal level a lot, and I'd like to stay with the management company. Gotta see if I can work things out; maybe change the language of the contract a bit.