Friday, September 22, 2006

Paper Faces on Parade

Continuing the rundown of some great parties I attended this summer.

To celebrate their birthdays, friends Mitch (& her dad), Kurtis and Scott threw a big party at the Bedford Abode in Northridge. The theme was "Masquerade" and we were all to come dressed in "Mad Hats, Makeup and Masks," which we pretty much all did.

Although initially concerned with what I was going to wear, I found a Chinese mask in a little shop near my apartment for a $1.50, and discovered a gold silk shirt in my closet my uncle in Hawaii had given me years ago, but which (for obvious reasons) I had never worn. I mixed those together and I was ready to party. Unfortunately, the mask kept gouging into my face and the shirt felt strange on my skin so I abandoned the outfit fairly early.

Lots of eating and drinking was going on by the time I got there, with the jello shots and pitchers of "Man-tinis" (Kurtis's "manly" version of the decidedly "less manly" Apple Martini, his drink of choice) being the hits. Kurtis had set-up a projector and screen outside, so we did some big screen karaoke before I busted out the Guitar Hero. John displayed some skillz, but was no match for my star power + eye lasers (see image for proof). During this, a faction started a short game of poker which I didn't get in on, and others began roasting marshmelons for smores, which I did.

The party was a lot of fun, despite Mitch's false assertion that there would be prizes given out. Then again, she was wearing a gold bikini, and it's amazing what kind of shit you can get away with when wearing one of those things.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Never Enough Aloha

Continuing the rundown of some great parties I attended this summer. Sorry I've been lax in posting lately. Due to that art class I've been taking, some freelance work I've been doing and a quick trip to Philly last week, I just haven't had a lot of time. Anyway, I'll try and keep the next several entries short so I can post them quickly and regularly. Here we go!

So you may remember I was in Oahu a few months back, helping to celebrate the wedding of friends, Ric and Courtney. Well, for the friends and family who couldn't make it, the happy couple brought the Spirit of Aloha to the mainland last month, with another big celebration of their wedding.

It took place at Courtney's parent's house in Yorba Linda where the guests sat at several tables set up on the lawn, surrounded by tiki torches. The food and drink were served on a big deck attached to the house and included some yummy Mexican dishes (mmm, enchiladas) and a "serve yourself" margarita maker (mmm, pina coladas!).

Lots of fun people were there, including two with some portable game gear going on. Fortunately, I had brought my trusty Nintendo DS and PSP, so it was on. The gaming didn't last too long, but I think I made a convert out of Fig and Court's Disney peep, Romi, who seemed to really dig New Super Mario Bros. on my DS.

Good times. Especially since there was no danger of me being stung by poisonous creatures (although someone did fall off the deck and into a huge potted plant, butt-first). It was great seeing people I had spent time with in Hawaii again, as well as meeting some cool, new people. Nice to wrap up the wedding in Hawaii with a celebration like this.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Dee List

Continuing the rundown of some great parties I attended this summer.

My acting teacher, Dee Wallace (you may have caught her in the hilarious show, Sons & Daughters last season, or, y'know, E.T.) has two big parties at her house every year - one during the summer and one for New Year's. While I don't ever make it to her New Year's party (family obligations and all), I always try to go to her Summer party, as it's a blast everytime.

There's usually music, dancing, food, swimming, karaoke and alcohol to be had, and this year was no exception. I was the first on the mic for karaoke, and there was just no way for me to drink enough, fast enough for my song to be any good. Only after I had enough imbibed (as signified by the pink feather boa and glow-y headband, pictured) could I truly rock out.

We received the news a few weeks ago that Dee was closing down her acting studio after September, Cambodian breast milk be damned. Hopefully she'll continue her parties, and invite us all back again to party with her.

Yes, there was mad hula-hooping at this party, too. But without fire, I found myself unimpressed.