Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beverly Hills: That's Where I Want to Be

Lots of other stuff to post about, so this will conclude the rundown of some great parties I attended over the summer.

I didn't really know what to expect when my roommate Michael invited me to this party, just that it was being thrown on Labor Day by his buddy Eli and it was kind of near our apartment in West Hollywood. Well, normally, the parties in Hollywood are all East of Doheny, so when we drove up to Sunset and took a left, and continued West past Doheny and into Beverly Hills, my interest was piqued. Interest increased when we passed several mansions, including Tom Cruise's compound, and then started looking for a place to park, and more so when we waited to be cleared by security and allowed to move inside the high walls protecting the property. Interest maxed when we walked through the mansion, which seemed straight out of Silver Spoons, and into the backyard, which was straight out of The O.C. or Beverly Hills 90210. I mean, when I've watched those shows, I'm always like, "Do hot, rich people really get together on the weekends and swim and play volleyball in skimpy clothing?" Turns out Yes. Yes they do.

Michael started off the party with a bang (and a splash) when we got there, by changing into his swim trunks and doing a huge bomb into the (saline) pool. Unfortunately, Vicki's parents were sitting poolside and got completely drenched by the ensuing tidal wave. Now, I don't know if this was an accident and Michael was really trying to bomb the kids in the pool, or if he was oblivious to everyone sitting nearby or what, but most of us onlookers were in a disbelief for several seconds after Hurricane Cornacchia before we all rushed over with towels and condolences. Pictured here are the events as they took place:

Michael does a mighty bomb into the pool, not noticing...

...Gilda and Jim

Us, horrified, mouths agape (especially Kari Peyton)

Too little, too late

The party got even better after the pool shenanigans, when I wandered into the house and found myself in the entertainment room, where they had a huge screen set up for movie screenings... and an arcade! I played some Pac-Man while
Amy Claire was on the Austin Powers pinball machine. Pretty much any place or party that has an arcade is awesome, I'm just saying.

I did some wandering around the backyard after Pac-Man, and after passing the outdoor billiards table, basketball/tennis court, ping-pong table and volleyball net, I came upon a large koi pond, some sort of clubhouse straight out of the Tarzan Treehouse at Disneyland and a trampoline nestled into the landscaping. Must've been a cool place to grow up, seriously.

At some point during the day, Kari and I signed up for massages ('cuz of course they'd have a masseur at the party. Doesn't everyone?), and by the time I got back from my tour, he was ready for me. Damn if I didn't get the best massage I've had in years! Just the right amount of pain and pleasure - I actually had bruises on my neck for a few days after but it was totally worth it. If I could afford it, I'd have one of these twice a week. Wow.

Anyway, I could go on, but I'll end here and I haven't even mentioned the food yet (an ongoing onslaught of sandwiches, gourmet burgers, pizza, fudge fountains with strawberries and ice cream throughout the day). Needless to say, I gotta start bringing in the coin. Middle class has been fun, but filthy rich is better.